Meal Planning 101 for an Easier Life

There are several reasons why I plan our meals: it saves me money, time and I hate the daily conversation of what we are going to have for dinner every night. We are only two people, not a family with kids, that needs to cater to individual needs such as allergies or various food hates but we do sit down at the table every night for good food, a glass of wine and a conversation about our day.

When I plan out our meals, I start with what I have bought from the market on Saturday. I shop at Portobello Market, it is cheaper for fruit and veg compared to most supermarkets. In London, there seems to be some sort of market in most neighbourhoods so hunt for one in your area. Visiting the market is such a lovely way to shop, you end up chatting to your neighbours, the vendors, so much more human than just getting a delivery. Market shopping also helps you to eat seasonally which is healthier. I personally don’t like my veg to be better travelled than I am.

Usually, what I find will inspire me as to what I will cook. A few weeks ago, I got five mangos for a pound (bargain!), this prompted a mango frenzy with mango chicken on the menu at the beginning and at the end of the week. This week, I came home with aubergines and courgettes so it looks like a ratatouille this week.

I hope you might give meal planning a whirl – it might seem like an extra task but in the end, it will make your life a bit easier and less money spent on takeout food.

Every week I will endeavour to post my weekly menu. I only plan dinners for weekdays as the weekend can be a moveable feast.



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